Grace Church Hamilton

Sundays | 10am

Meeting at “Hillcrest Normal School”

218 Cambridge Road, Hillcrest

We have begun the work of establishing a new Grace Presbyterian Church (GPCNZ) in Hamilton. You are very welcome to visit us and find out more. In the meantime, you may like to support us in the following three ways:


Commit to pray regularly for the Lord to build His church.


Commit to telling people you know about this new church.


Commit to help this church thrive by way of financial support.

Our Mission & Vision

“Establishing a church community which honours the formation of authentic Christian living, grounded in the ordinary means of grace.”


Maybe you’ve heard of Jesus.

Maybe you have not.

We invite you to watch this video to help you understand what we believe about this unique man in history. In short, this is what we call “The Gospel”.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a denomination?

Think about this as group of Christian churches who share a common form of church government and doctrinal standard. In our case, we are governed in accordance with Presbyterian principles and are commited to the Westminster Confession of Faith as our doctrinal standard.

What should I wear to church?

Whatever you find comfortable and practical. For some this could be a t-shirt and jeans. For others, a dress shirt and pants. We’re not fussy.

Am I expected to give the church money?

If you’re visiting or new to church, there’s no pressure to give money to the church. In time, as you learn the Christian life you may take steps toward generosity with the resources God has given you. This includes the privilege and responsibility of supporting your local church family.

What is a church service like?

We lean on a liturgical structure. This is for our good and shapes the worship service so that no surprises are sprung on anyone. Our services includes a welcome, scripture reading, prayer, confession of sin, assurance of God’s grace, songs, an expositional sermon, and closing blessing.

Is church a safe place for my children?

We try to make the church a physically safe space for young children, as far as is practical in the venue we use. We ask parents/caregivers to exercise primary care for their children. Additionally, we warmly welcome children to be part of the worship service.

I’m not sure I believe, but can I still come along?

Certainly. We are a learning community. We’d welcome you to investigate the claims of the Bible and the uniqueness of Jesus with us.